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How to Raise Kids by Parents

Every parent should read this book atleast once.

Chapter One: Know what you want to expect from your kids
Chapter Two: Give them room to know who they are
Chapter Three: Let them come to you
Chapter Four : Don’t involve kids in Parents life
Chapter Five: Save for yourself
Chapter Six: Duplicate Factor
Chapter Seven: Don’t compare any kid with the other kids
Chapter Eight: Engage the kids in Physical activity
Chapter Nine: Indirect Approach
Chapter Ten: There is no right age to learn good things
Chapter Eleven: Always show them both sides
Chapter Twelve: Kids make parents vulnerable
Chapter Thirteen: Faith Factor
Chapter Fourteen: Selective Listening
Chapter Fifteen: Experience does not mean anything
Chapter Sixteen: Life of no regrets
Chapter Seventeen: Association
Chapter Eighteen: Fearless
Chapter Nineteen: Happy Ending
Chapter Twenty: Books, your kids must read while growing up

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Know more about all of these...

  • Teach your kids the difference between educated and being literate. (Page 4)
  • How to make kids do something? (Page 6 & 24)
  • What not to do in front of kids? (Page 8)
  • How to make kids self-reliant? (Page 11)
  • How kids observe parents? (Page 14)
  • Should you compare kids with one another? (Page 17)
  • Importance of physical fitness. (Page 20)
  • About kids learning good things. (Page 26)
  • Teaching kids to be greatful and content. (Page 29)
  • Kids manipulating parents!!! (Page 31)
  • Self-confident kids. (Page 33)
  • Correcting mistakes, what not to do. (Page 34)
  • Courage to explore. (Page 36)
  • Life of no regrets. (Page 38)
  • All about association. (Page 40)
  • Kids and Courage. (Page 42)
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You will also receive the following special reports
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Bonus Report # 1:

Children with Goals and Ambition. Future Leaders of our World.

A short report on keeping the children focused on the right goals. And how to know what is a right goal.

Bonus Report # 2:

How to Impress other Children?

A short report on impressing other children. They could be anyone from neighbor children, children from family to someone’s child in a party.

Bonus Report # 3:

Managing Teens in Adolescence.

Bonus Report # 4:

How to Identify a Genius in your Child?

You should know how to discover the Genius in your Child.

Bonus Report # 5:

Why some Children go for Violence or Drugs?

Simple points about why children go for drugs or violence and how to keep them away from drugs and violence.

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This book is the most sensible investment in my life, till now; and I can see how happy my kids are.


I wish my parents had this info.


A handy guide to first-time Mothers.


I wish my parents read this book when I was a child.


Immediate download upon payment.

Your price $39.00

Instant download upon payment

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Remember, children are the future. Make sure to raise them right.

This book is all about results. You will be glad to get a hold of this information.

Raising kids should be fun. All you need are these simple tips, in this one small book and the attached bonus books.