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A Concise Report on Child Psychology

And How to Raise Great Kids ™

Inside Chapters

Chapter One: Know what you want to expect from your kids
Chapter Two: Give them room to know who they are
Chapter Three: Let them come to you
Chapter Four : Don’t involve kids in Parents life
Chapter Five: Save for yourself
Chapter Six: Duplicate Factor
Chapter Seven: Don’t compare any kid with the other kids
Chapter Eight: Engage the kids in Physical activity
Chapter Nine: Indirect Approach
Chapter Ten: There is no right age to learn good things
Chapter Eleven: Always show them both sides
Chapter Twelve: Kids make parents vulnerable
Chapter Thirteen: Faith Factor
Chapter Fourteen: Selective Listening
Chapter Fifteen: Experience does not mean anything
Chapter Sixteen: Life of no regrets
Chapter Seventeen: Association
Chapter Eighteen: Fearless
Chapter Nineteen: Happy Ending
Chapter Twenty: Books, your kids must read while growing up